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Captain Tom Woods, an escapee from Blacksburg, is on leave from serving with Colonel George Washington at Loyal Hannon. As he passes through Quaker country a desperate little boy bursts out of a cornfield beseeching him for help. Following the child into the woods, he finds a Quaker woman who has clearly been foully used. With his caretaker heart he cannot abandon her.

Elizabeth Walker, having walked with God all of her life, naively believed that nothing could ever hurt her. She discovered her error first in her failure as a wife, now she has been viciously beaten and violated. Her world has crashed around her, but because of her son she must fight through the desolation her life has become.

HATS is an answer and encouragement for a deeper walk with God. It is written to help us understand our unique purpose in life and recognize our valued place in the Body of Christ. As a Bible Study, it is designed to open our understanding and show us where we fit and can best move and operate in the Body, thereby releasing us to be who God designed us to be.

Mondays — 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Incursion Series

Book 3 - Revealed

Release Date - Fall 2018

Lynn Moffett's love of putting words together to paint pictures and fashion other worlds has resulted in books, short stories, non-fiction and poetry.

She is a contributor to the Matter of Faith column in the Pagosa Springs SUN.

She has been creating stories since her earliest years. Only after raising her children did she set forth to record any of them with pen and ink. Blood, Flesh and Flame, her first published work, was written with her 1st born grandson cuddled on her lap.

Living nestled at the foot of Wolf Creek Pass in southwestern Colorado, Lynn continues to produce compelling novels about intriguing subjects.

Singing Springs is invaded by mercenary soldiers with orders to re-educate and/or detain dissenters to current government policy. Rose Trusty, a quiet older woman, becomes one of the three main voices of resistance, though she is among the imprisoned. Joshua Morgan, a deputy sheriff, escapes the first round up. As a member of the Watchmen, he battles to free the 600 friends and neighbors being held prisoner. Carmella Miles, a soldier with IAMS, sees the fallacy of the action and joins the townspeople in their struggle.

Lynn Moffett


In a matter of nine days, I was thrown in jail twice, without cause. My little town of Singing Springs suffered through two invasions of military forces intent on destroying deeply held beliefs. Six hundred targeted and herded together like cattle. Thanks to our Watchmen, we repelled them, one wave, then another. As a woman of age, being arrested shook me to the core. What looms ahead scares me even more.

United States Senate.

Rose L. Trusty is hereby ordered to appear before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee


This time it won’t be a battle of guns, but of words.

Only five days ago, I lost all sense of peace and safety when the people in my small, quiet, mountain town came under attack. The invaders broke down our doors and dragged us out of our homes. They imprisoned us for being “haters.” If it wasn’t for our watchmen, all 600 of us who were taken would have been transported to a secret site and held until we surrendered our beliefs.I am sad to report the enemy killed three of us during the resistance. I would like to believe it’s over and my life will return to normal. It’s wishful thinking. Our leaders are certain the enemy will not take their defeat as the final outcome. I know they’re right. It isn’t over yet.


Incursion Series Book 2 - Conspiracy

Incursion Series Book 1 - Incursion

Anne Yancy is a young vagrant who, despite suffering abuse all of her life, has grown strong and determined even as she secretly harbors a deep longing to belong. Nathan Woodbridge is a rich, Harvard-educated Puritan. Set in the year after the Salem Witchcraft Trials, Blood, Flesh and Flame is the story of a Puritan town under attack. Anne knows the source. Nathan has no patience for superstition or anything smacking of the paranormal yet is assigned to discover what is happening in the town of Blacksburg.

   Megan Forrester is a woman bent on taking over her father’s far reaching business ventures in the Carolinas. However, he will never agree as she is merely a woman. He would have her marry the man he has chosen and forget her foolish notions.

   Megan’s twin sister has married and her husband has moved Margaret and their daughter to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Since then all communication has ceased. Recognizing the evil in Jordan Higgins, Megan is frightened for her sister and niece, but her father will not listen.

   The story begins with Megan getting a scrap of a letter from Maggie screaming for help. With her father in England and no one else she can rely on, Megan must go on her own.The story twists and turns as she travels with Cole Woodbridge - her deaf guide - from Charleston to Boston to Rutherford and then into the western most part of the colony. By the time her entourage arrives in North Hampton, she has lost her heart to Woodbridge, but has also heard the rumors that the people in this valley kill anyone with a handicap. She has to disengage with Cole to save him.

   Leaving Cole, when she arrives in the valley where her sister should be Megan is completely unprepared for what she finds. It is worse than any rumor she has heard. She not only has to save herself, but her family and many children suffering within this cult.

Woodbridge Trilogy

Book 1

Woodbridge Trilogy

Book 2

Woodbridge Trilogy

Book 3

Bible Study