Book of Remembrance

A Collection of Everyday Miracles

True stories of HOPE for a world in crisis.

See how miracles have changed lives, futures, and even our concept of God himself.


#1 Bestselling authors, Max Davis, Sylvia McDaniel, and Dave Slade join other well-known, interdenominational writers across the country to tell 36 true stories of God's marvelous works. Each chapter reveals the Lord as alive and active, answering prayer, and changing circumstances. Nothing is impossible with our great God

Book Excerpts

The helicopter can't land in this storm! This kid's going to die out here!



Everyone is in denial to think you are going to survive this. Your lungs are not healing and they will not get better. You have COVID-19.



There, in the black dirt lay a silver ring, barely visible, smashed into the ashes by a cow's hoof.



At one point during that time, a hot wave traveled through my entire body. I sat very still and quiet. What in the world?



His broad shoulders hunched forward, his long black coat drug the ground, and like an injured animal, he hobbled toward me, hooded, with a black mask over his face. I stared in horror at the figure. Who is this?



"Then those who feared the LORD talked often to one another; and the LORD listened and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him of those who reverenced and worshipfully feared the LORD and who thought on His name." Malachi 3:16 AMP