Allyn Schuyler

Freelance Writer and Artist

Change is in the air...


The days are growing shorter and, with our cool wet weather, Fall seems like it's just around the corner. When we listen to the news, we wonder if we'll be wearing masks and locked down again. Some of us are even looking forward to those first snowflakes flying.


When I wrote my little poem, "A Mother's Kiss," change was the last thing I wanted in my life. I had just become a mother for the first time and was enjoying every moment of my new adventure. I wanted my life to stay that way forever. The unaccustomed slow pace of life at home with my child, coupled with that new all-encompassing love for him, seemed to crack open my repressed creativity because the writing started to pour out of me. That compulsion only increased as he grew, and we got into story time reading at night. This poem is based on the true story of one of our sweet nighttime rituals.


Years later, I published that little poem and a friend suggested it might make a good story book. I waited years more thinking that I might illustrate it myself, but when my son was almost 30, I admitted to that my window for doing so had probably closed. So, I took another tack.


I am proud to announce that I finally published that little book this year. It has been released as "Glow in the Dark" and can be found on Amazon.


As we all know, I need as much positive press as possible. If you happen to have a KindleUnlimited membership, the ebook is free. The paperback sells for $9.99. Please go on Amazon and write a positive review. Every single one counts.


Now. Back to change.


There is a scripture on the back of my book from Isaiah 66:13 - "As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you."


In the midst of all this uncertainty and change, that's what we all need to remember - that God never changes and that He is always there. He alone will be our strength and he will never leave us - which is the most important news release of all!


Keep pressing on friends - 



Glow in the Dark has been released!