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    Glow in the Dark by Allyn Schuyler

    On no, said my dear mother

    You can't rub away that mark!

    Why, I still see it sitting there

    Brightly glowing in the dark.

    In this poem, a little boy discovers the magic of his mother's goodnight kiss. For more of "Glow in the Dark" included in Looking at Life, visit Amazon.com

    Allyn Schuyler, a pen name, is a freelance writer and artist. She has a BFA degree and has spent her life coloring outside the lines on page and canvas. A recent empty nester, Allyn delights in writing essays about life for online and print publicatios. These days she is hard at work completing her first children's book and novel. Allyn lives the creative life with her husband in beautiful southern Colorado, where there is never a lack of inspiration. Contact Allyn at allynschuylerink@gmail.com.


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