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    Member Feedback - Kathy Baily Gibson

    We received this lovely email from one of our new members, Kathy Baily Gibson...

    I am so thankful Betty invited me this morning for the critique group! I had just voiced to the Lord how valuable it would be to be part a writers' group for just this thing. Yesterday. And I get online to view my messages at 11:00 my time and there is the invitation, God so clearly answered my prayer. And there was Betty Slade and there you all were! I was a member of the Southwest Christian Writers for maybe ten years, meeting and attending meetings as I could during vacations to Durango. I remember well one of the meetings Lin held at her her home one summer. My daughter and I had the opportunity to stay in Durango for a month at our little old family home. The lunch was wonderful and Betty's teaching was just what we needed. We painted and wrote and I didn't want to leave! So I felt very welcome this morning and I am joining you all now, officially! I can't tell you how many times I have ridden/driven through Pagosa on my way from Denver to Durango as a child and an adult. Pagosa just seems to be on the other side of the mountain from Durango. I am home in Colorado no matter where I am, but we have special memories there, stopping and resting for the last push to Durango. I will attend as often as I can and perhaps I can ask you connect me up so I can return to writing and finish my family story. Thank you! (family, 1898, Patriotic Day)


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