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New Releases
Partin Paperback

When Jessica A. Tanner isn’t writing stories full of vivid characters and creatures, she enjoys a view of the Rocky Mountains, takes long walks, and hangs with her many critters. Jessica is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Realm Makers, and Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network (WCCWN). She has an article and a short story in LOOKING AT LIFE, a collection published by WCCWN. SONJI is her first novel. For more info, visit her website.

Betty Slade
Taming Wild Hearts

NOVA BREE STEELE is on the run after witnessing a murder in San Francisco. She hitchhikes to a ranch in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in search of Joe Crawford, a good man she heard could help her.
Modern-day cowboy, LUKE BARRETT, rescues a rare curly Sulphur Mustang from poachers in Disappointment Valley, Colorado. He and Bree join the efforts of a doctor working to save the curly Sulphur Mustang breed from extinction.


Their lives, and the life of a rare mustang collide in the crosshairs of greedy men and the San Francisco Syndicate. They must find common ground and learn to work together, or they won’t survive the pursuits of evil men.

Jessica Tanner

Despite the threat of theft, Astra enters the Great Desert Race of Dryzza … only to be left horseless in the middle of nowhere. Thieves believe her white mare, Sonji, is the key to the treasury of the Palace of the Creator.

Two desert dwellers and a voice on the wind lead Astra and her friend Hamal to the legendary palace. There, they meet the Creator. He listens to their story and helps them—but for repayment he asks Astra to convince her mother to answer his summons. Rumors of those heeding a summons and never returning home haunt Astra as she agrees.

The Creator returns Astra, Hamal, and Sonji to the race. And when Astra keeps her promise to him—the Creator surprises her.

Released June 1, 2023

Released April 17, 2023

Faith Richardson

Faith E. Richardson was born in Traverse City, Michigan. She lived there 9 short years before moving with her mom to Fort Worth, Texas where she would remain for another 18 years. After meeting Trent, the love of her life, they married and moved to Colorado where they raised their two kids. Currently retired from decades of Human Resource work, Faith renewed her passion for writing. Her life experiences and dramatic flair for storytelling draw the reader in with thought-provoking material on the wonder and truth of spiritual encounters. It's her desire to get her readers as excited about the Holy Spirit as she is.

Mabel the Cow shares her story of how she witnessed Jesus' birth. She encourages all of God's creation to share about Jesus. Acts 1:8 - Be His witness.

The Cow Spoke and Jesus Woke
Partin: the Chosen

Riley Perrie lives between the mountains of Colorado and the fields of Nebraska with her family and cat Sawyer. She’s an avid reader and writer and you’ll often find her soaking up sunshine with a good book or a pen and a page. She’s been writing since she was seven and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. You can connect with her over Instagram @authorrileyperrie or at Partin: the Chosen is her first book.

The prophecies foretell of a coming savior. A savior, who will bring back the King of Light. Or a champion, who will help the Darkness rule over all. Only one can win.

To counteract the sinister plot brewing as the Darkness sets his plan in motion, The League of Light, created to protect the Chosen, is formed. But when the Darkness threatens everyone they trust and love, will they be able to overcome? Will the Light triumph over the Darkness, and will it be worth the cost?

Betty J. Slade, is an author of fiction and non-fiction, a nespaper columnist, and an artist in oils and watercolors. You'll often find her humorous and sometimes serious articles in the Pagosa Spring's SUN Newspaper, which she has written over six hundred articles for. Now, you'll find her writing faith-filled novels about courageous women in perilous times. 

Released November 1, 2023

Janet Meyer-Karn
Three Wise Camels

Meet Baby Jesus

Janet Meyer-Karn has been writing most of her life. With a Bachelor's degree in Science, a Master's Degree in Education, she has become a lifelong educator.  She is an author in various genres, having written articles for My Weekly Reader, a Disney contrast winner for Ghost Story, a cookbook: Kitchen Prescriptions, and monthly articles for The Camellia Review. Janet has been published in the anthology, A Book of Remembrance, compiled by Lynn Moffet. Her children's book, Three Wise Camels, is her most recent endeavor, with new adventures ahead in this series.

Three wise camels embark on an adventure to meet the baby Jesus.

Riley Perrie

Released August 8, 2023

This is a must read for those who want to understand the impact of loving someone in uniform.

—Travis W Inman, Author of Earth Fire Series and the Glenfield Series, and retired Border Patrol Agent

The collection highlights the lives and loves of lawmen, soldiers, and other heroes from the past to the present.

Derinda Babcock is an author, graphic designer, and former English as a Second Language teacher. She taught for almost twenty-five years in southwestern Colorado. During this time, she worked with students of all ages and many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The richness of this experience lends flavor to her novels. When she is not writing, Derinda teaches and furthers her education.

The survivors have each other.

Arabella “Belle” St. John: city girl and daughter of wealthy, five-star restaurant owners.

Captain Adam Sutherland: former fighter pilot turned commercial airline pilot.

Colton Morgan: rancher and hunting outfitter.

Liam Swanson: missionary’s son and worship and praise leader.

Will the four overcome their differences and pull together to live?

Things Not Seen
Lawmen, Soldiers, and Other Heroes

Released September 11, 2023

Released February 3, 2024

Derinda Babcock
WCCWN Anthology Compiled by Lynn Moffett

The Adventures of a Horse Named George is a collection of charming stories for ages 8-80. Multiple authors have contributed tales built on fundamental life truths written around a swayback Appaloosa named George and his best friend, a white miniature horse named Nancy.
George's adventures promise smiles and tears, with a tiny bit of scary, and a lot of laughter.

Released October 17, 2023

The Adventures of a Horse Named George

Released August 15, 2023