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On May 4th, our own in-house expert Lin Harris will be speaking to us about self-editing, which we all know is so important but also so challenging. On May 18th, Lin will be back to talk to us about developing characters with deep point of view.

On the off weeks, we will continue to break into our critique groups, so make sure you have something to bring... and if possible, get your story to your group early so that they can work on it at home for a better result.

As for deadlines, The Chicken Soup for the Soul book, "Age is Just a Number", is taking submissions through May 31st. Also, remember to participate in Lynn Moffett's "Everyday Miracles." book.

If you need inspiration, google "Writing Prompts" for a number of options to kick start your pen or, as Dave Slade put it, "Open a window to your creativity."

And please remember to keep me in the look in your submission attempts. The more we whittle down which resources work for us, and which don't, the better we can focus on only the viable sources for our writing.

I borrow my closing from the family motto of dear friends...

For the Good of Others and to the GLORY of GOD,

Cathy McIver

Blythe Daniel

Mondays — 9:00-11:00 a.m.

What a fabulous month we had at WCCWN! With most of the world on hold, we are still going strong - experiencing together a lot of firsts and a big learning curve. Over the past month, Michael and Betty successfully navigated us into an online forum for our weekly meetings, the Zoom platform. We have all learned to log on, we can break out into our critique groups and can even share documents on our screens. I held my first on-line training session with little or no problems, woohoo!

This month we stayed at home and realized just how adaptable God created us to be. We have slowed down, stayed productive, made do with less and prayed for those less fortunate. Many of us have pressed into an even deeper relationship with the Lord because of our circumstances. We have discovered that, even in the midst of this, we have much to be grateful for.

Dave Slade, Betty's nephew and author of "The Christ Virus," spoke to us on Zoom regarding his experience becoming a writer and how the book came about. He told the amazing story about how so much of what is happening today with COVID-19 was predicted in his book, over a decade earlier. Dave encouraged us to 1) find our own voice, 2) become a truth seeker, 3) get a good critique partner, and 4) develop a tough skin when it comes to editing. He also reminded us that real writers write because they are compelled to do so and that our reward will be the same if we write a best seller or are never published at all. He closed with the wise words, "Obedience is what the Lord honors. So, believe in your work even if others reject it."

Our group has much to be excited about in May. Colorado is reopening for business, but we have yet to see how the stipulations of that reopening will play out. We expect to be able to rejoin each other at Crossroads Church on Monday morning, June 1st, however, if the safer-at-home order is lifted earlier, that might change, and we will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, we continue to line up speakers for our bi-weekly meetings. We are excited to announce that Blythe Daniel of Blythe Daniel Agency, Inc. in Colorado Springs will be speaking to our group via ZOOM on a Monday to be decided soon. She will come prepared with a list of topics and there will be time for specific questions as well.

Blythe is a literary agent and marketer who secures books with publishers, conducts publicity campaigns and online marketing . She helps writers build the right book proposal, secures contracts, promotes books, and has placed authors in the national media. She has worked in publishing for more than 20 years and represents bestselling non-fiction authors and new voices.


What's Happening - May 2020

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