"The summer after seventh grade, my friend Rich and I experienced our first "rite of passage" - a fishing and camping trip without adult supervision."

Gregg's story, Lost Dog, is one of the 101 stories of hope, answered prayers, and divine intervention, in Chicken Soup for the Soul Believe in Miracles.

Miracles are all around us - we just have to open our eyes and our hearts to them - and believe. These 101 stories, from ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences, will amaze and inspire you to recognize the good in your own life.

Gregg's story, Tragedy on the River, is slated for a 2020 edition of Liguorian Magazine. His article Getting Through It: Fiction: We Know Neither the Day nor the Hour has been has been printed in the magazine.

Liguorian conveys a consistently joyful message of God's plentiful redemption with timely pastoral messages to Catholics on matters of the faith, practices, Christian living, and social justice in order to enhance their conversion to Christ.

Gregg Heid

Author, Photographer

In this anthology, a variety of writers from diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds, ages and faith denominations have shared their testimonies. Each story is a personal journey that reflects what led the author to faith in God. The path is often rocky and every story an emotional reflection of how they found Jesus. 

Just as the characters are different so are the journeys. God draws us to Himself in a unique fashion. That is why you will find something in at least one, if not all of these stories that will resonate with your soul and bring you closer to God.

Gregg is a regular contributor to the Pagosa SUN's Matter of Faith column and writes monthly articles for John Paul II's bulletin.

He is an active member of WCCWN and teaches in the rotation at the WCCWN's weekly meetings. He is the WCCWN photographer, and a member of the Editorial Committee.