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Helene Smith

Writer and Editor

Helene P. Smith graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Drama/Music/Telecommunications from San Diego State University. She married, moved to Arizona, and worked in healthcare for 35 years.
Helene retired, moved to Colorado, and joined the Wolf Creek Christian Writer’s Network. Challenged to write for the Pagosa SUN’s A Matter of Faith column, she is a regular contributor of faith-based articles. The David and Abigail story in First Samuel inspired her to write a contemporary novel.
She enjoys many crafts, reading, gardening, tending the chickens, gathering with friends, and spending time with her grandchildren in their multigenerational home.


Contact Helene at heleneyl@yahoo.com



My editing experience includes works of nonfiction, contemporary and historical fiction, a children’s book, a blog, and the articles of two newspaper columnists.

I am a member of the Christian PEN.

My edits consist of developmental/substantive/content review, along with spelling, grammar, and punctuation.



"You were my number one partner in this process. I felt that your edit was invaluable." ~ Dan Ford, Author


"Helene Smith is a pleasure to work with. She is skilled, and her edits are thorough. Her suggestions make for a cleaner, better manuscript. Highly recommended." ~ Derinda Babcock, Author, Graphics Designer


"I write weekly for The Artist's Lane Column in the Pagosa SUN Newspaper. Helene Smith knows my deadlines and the needed quick turnaround. She honors my voice as a writer. I value her razor sharp edits for all my work. She is astute in editing fiction. She can assess situations, scenes, story plots, and dialogue. I highly recommend Helene Smith." ~ Betty J. Slade, Author, Columnist



Please email the information requested below to Helene Smith at heleneyl@yahoo.com for a sample review and an estimate.


  • Manuscripts are accepted in Microsoft Word only.

  • Please email the first chapter(s), 500-1000 words, with the information requested below.
  • There is no charge for this step.
  • I will include comments on your writing along with an estimate to edit the entire work. The comments are meant to assist you in your decision to continue with me or not.
  • If I feel I am not a good match to edit your piece, I will say so and will not provide an estimate.



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