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When Jessica isn’t writing stories full of vivid characters and creatures, she enjoys a view of the Rocky Mountains, takes long walks, and hangs with her many critters. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Realm Makers, and Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network (WCCWN). Jessica has a short story (The Missing Book under the penname Silver Mist) and a short piece (“His Words, Our Words”) published in Looking at Life, a collection by WCCWN; a testimony in Twenty-Three Journeys to Christ compiled by Gregg Heid; three stories (Zombie Turkey; Icy Snow, Towropes, and Divine Intervention; and Ditches, Hillsides, and Prayer) in A Book of Remembrance: A Collection of Everyday Miracles compiled by Lynn Moffett; and several pieces published under the Matter of Faith column of the Pagosa Sun’s Preview. Her first book, Sonji, is out now thanks to Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.


For more information about Jessica and to visit her website - http://www.jessicaatannerauthor.com/

Jessica A. Tanner




Book 1 - Dryzzian Legends Series


Despite the threat of theft, Astra enters the Great Desert Race of Dryzza … only to be left horseless in the middle of nowhere. Thieves believe her white mare, Sonji, is the key to the treasury of the Palace of the Creator.

Two desert dwellers and a voice on the wind lead Astra and her friend Hamal to the legendary palace. There, they meet the Creator. He listens to their story and helps them—but for repayment he asks Astra to convince her mother to answer his summons. Rumors of those heeding a summons and never returning home haunt Astra as she agrees.

The Creator returns Astra, Hamal, and Sonji to the race. And when Astra keeps her promise to him—the Creator surprises her.

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